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One Month Tanning for $20

Purchase a one month Gold, Platinum or Diamond package and get a 2nd month of tanning for just $20.

One Month Gold- $69.95
A month of tanning in our popular Klassik tanning bed with 32 lamps and a powerful face tanner. Add a second month of tanning for just $20.

One Month Platinum- $109.95
Platinum level lets you tan for a month in the Passion 34/4, the Sunrise 480 stand-up, and the all new Inspiration 550 Hybrid. The Inspiration 550 Hybrid combines tanning with red light therapy in one session! Add a second month of Platinum level tanning for just $20.

One Month Diamond- $159.95
Step up to our exclusive Diamond level beds and enjoy the Open Sun 1050 and the Prestige 1600 Hybrid. The powerful Open Sun delivers instant, long lasting colour. The Prestige 1600 Hybrid is pure luxury tanning with concert hall sound, aromatherapy misting and built in red light skin care. Diamond level also includes full access to all Platinum level beds…so many choices! Add a second month of Diamond level tanning for just $20.

Gold, Platinum or Diamond?